Original is an exclusive streetwear app which aims to make it easier to buy highly anticipated and sought-after items. Original sends notifications when brands release, restock or go on sale with exclusive items. Streetwear is a multifaceted phenomenon which is dominating the fashion industry, driven by a meteoric rise in popularity. It poses itself as a by-product of subcultural movements such as rap, skate & surf, creating a large popular culture shift spanning fashion, art & music.
Using the abbreviation OG, derived from hip-hop culture, OG is used to create a zipper, mimicking the clothing itself. A vibrant green was used to reinforce its market disruption and dynamism, reflecting this anarchistic attitude, which stems from a rebellion against high fashion. Taking inspiration from hip-hop culture and global streetwear trends, the brand acts as an analogy of the streetwear culture; being simultaneously, fresh and edgy with a strong active community.

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