The Alyoom centre is a multi-purpose events venue spanning arts, conference & culture in the heart of Muscat, Oman. Oman boasts its rich heritage and embracing society, holding a strong sense of identity and confidence in a highly educated future. Alyoom is the westernised version of the Arabic word for ‘Today’, emphasising the growth of Muscat. In contrast to competitors, Alyoom strives to celebrate Muscats progression and prosperity, looking ahead to the future.
The identity lives and breathes culture and how this is ever changing within today’s world. The Alyoom needed a modernisation within its traditional city, whilst maintaining its deep rooted culture. Simplified elements of the traditional architecture were used to build the logo, forming the basis of its event system. One of the most characteristic features is the adaptable typeface - customised for Alyoom - which gives a nod to changing time and progression.

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