Once dubbed a ‘ghost town’ Altrincham’s independent shops, restaurants and pubs have breathed fresh air into the Altrincham we know today. The success of the market area acted as a catalyst to further regenerate the town. This campaign for Trafford council aimed to emphasise the alternative and unexpected. Altrincham isn’t your average town - come and discover why.
Altrincham needed to emphasise the unexpected and the idea of being different, reflecting its demographic. Unexpected graphics were used to showcase the deviation from mainstream and the norm, which shines a light on all the quirky independents in the town. The use of a daring typeface with its monstrous and triangular contrast furthers this idea, whilst still maintaining a sophisticated feel. The campaign aimed to bring Altrincham alive in a way that is not just a regurgitation but a contemporary interpretation.
(Student Brief)

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